Our Vision

Empower millions of people to think globally, not locally

Give people access to worldwide marketplaces, without the need for a bank account

Connect buyers and sellers directly, whilst reducing costs and language barriers

Enable established businesses to connect with new customers via the KOCJ COIN ecosystem

Comming soon

New ways to earn KOCJ COIN:

Launch a complementary new marketplace and build on the success of KOCJCOIN

Builds on the system enabled by KOCJ COIN, enabling more seamless integration of third parties

Collaborate with other blockchain projects that may choose to offer KOCJCOIN as a reward to users

New way to use KOCJ coins:

Launched KOCJ COIN in-app marketplace to expand product and service options

Expand existing services to more regions while reducing the cost of existing services

Team up with other wallets and providers Legal and exchange

Pursuit of listing on major exchanges, including those based in the United States

Promotional Activities

Extensive media and coverage of the market using the KOCJCOIN payment system

Continued pursuit of interviews with prominent cryptocurrency influencers and media

Attend and speak at major cryptocurrency events and exhibitions

Fourth quarter of 2020

The sales schedule for the KOCJ project has been decided.

A global plan to use KOCJ has started.

Collaboration with the C-PON project has started.

A program has been decided that will give more benefits to the introducer.

The market settings that can be used with KOCJ coins have been decided.

Third quarter of 2020

The number of C-pon users has exceeded 20,000.

C-pon member stores have exceeded 200 stores.

Introduced a pledge to keep KOCJ's token inflation below 2%

Block halving event scheduled every 4 years

Started cooperation with WhiteBit.

Second quarter of 2020

Merchant program KOCJCOINE is now in beta

The number of C-pon users has exceeded 10,000.

C-pon member stores exceeded 100 stores.

First quarter of 2020

C-PON project started in Japan

More than 5,000 registered as soon as the C-PON project started

Started technical cooperation with KOCHK

Started technical cooperation with KOC JAPAN

Preparing to list on White Bit

2018 and 2019

Start of development related to KOCJ coin

Development of ecosystem on blockchain

Started cooperation with technical cooperation companies

Started global marketing with KOC Group companies

Started experimental operation of point system in Hong Kong

Preparing to establish a corporation for success in Japan

Decision of major members in Japan

Calculation of original algorithm for the profit of cryptocurrency users

Started negotiations with major cryptocurrency media

Beta version setting of KOCJ coin

Preparation for starting C-PON project in Japan

Started experiment of connecting existing Web service and KOCJ coin project

Launched KOCJ COIN mobile top-up across 15 mobile operators in Uganda, Nigeria and Tanzania

Spoke at Malta Al Blockchain Summit and participated in two panel discussions on 'Cashless Societies' and 'Africa: Driving Mass Adoption'

Spoke at World Blockchain Summit, Dubai

AnyTask.com entered initial stages of BETA testing

Fourth quarter of 2017

We have set a basic schedule for ICO.

Started marketing with a group company in Hong Kong to judge the potential reach globally.

Third quarter of 2017

The KOCJ coin project was planned in Singapore.

A plan on ICO content has opened.