Our mission

We use the power of blockchain to unleash the global digital economy of millions of people. Our solutions help everyone live on their own terms and allow people to embrace entrepreneurship and find new ways to improve their lives.

The beginning of our journey

Our CEO began to take an interest in cryptocurrencies in 2015. Even then, when Bitcoin was worth only $ 500, CEOs knew that blockchain technology would change. A better world. When friends and family visited, they couldn't understand the complexity of cryptocurrencies. The CEO wanted to make it easier for people to use and benefit from the transformative nature of blockchain technology.

In October 2017, the planning of KOCJCION has started now. We asked the team of KOCHK, one of the other companies, for the technical ability to develop their own cryptocurrencies. Its early cryptocurrency design was very different from what is seen today, but it created a path that would allow one team to build a cryptocurrency for a particular use case.

During the rest of 2018 and 2019, we and the team have further developed the project. In January 2020, we officially raised the initial investment required for the launch of cryptocurrencies, and then established KOC Singapore Pte.

In September 2020, KOC Singapore Pte. Ltd made the KOCJ CION Exchange Token available for sale at the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), also known as the Token Sale. The initial sale of KOCJ COIN tokens was a great success, ending early after achieving marketing of KOCJ COIN's market value. The KOC Singapore ICO has been endorsed by a great many people.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum purchased by KOCJ COIN are currently being used to develop and promote the KOC Singapore ecosystem.